MidiPaw is available for Windows only. Click below to download the Windows installer for version, updated April 22, 2023.

Please note that as of version, the latest Leap Motion 5 drivers are required. See instructions here to update your drivers and here to migrate your presets from earlier versions.

Other Useful Software Links

Leap Motion Software

LeapMotion software is mainly targeted at developers. Download the SDK to get the Leap Control Panel installed.

LoopMidi by Tobias Erichsen

Mr. Erichsen developed and kindly shares this software for creating virtual MIDI interfaces. It works perfectly!

.NET 4.7.2 from Microsoft

If you don’t already have it installed (it’s very likely you do!) you can download support directly from the Microsoft site.

Please see the Installation Walkthrough on the Videos
page for installation guidance for all components

MidiPaw Installation

Accept the license agreement

Accept or update the location

Launch the installation and allow the unknown publisher
Launch it from the start menu and start waving your paw!