MidiPaw — Leap Motion MIDI Expression Controller

MidiPaw is a Windows app that connects a Leap Motion controller to your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) via MIDI, letting you configure MIDI control to bring an enhanced level of realism and expression to your playing.

MidiPaw Quick Showcase

MidiPaw is designed primarily around compositional flow and music production, where you play in a performance part with one hand while controlling nuanced expression with your other hand by moving it over the Leap Motion controller.

Key Features:

  • Recognize 13 different positional, gesture and velocity based motions
  • Translate motions in to any kind of MIDI CC messages, pitch bends and after touch messages
  • Detailed control of the translation of motion to MIDI through
    • Response curves, motion range and message range filtering and smoothing
    • Individual control of rest vs resume functions
    • Setting rules up as conditional upon various motions, multiplying the expressive range of possibilities
  • Articulation management by linking motions with articulation changes
  • Use motion to trigger note messages (i.e. virtual plucking or bowing)
  • MIDI automation to control MidiPaw from your keyboard or control surface to switch presets or tweak configuration details
  • And I’m sure there’s more 🙂

MidiPaw requires:

  • A Leap Motion motion controller with version 5 software
  • A MIDI (virtual) port to route MIDI to your DAW, such as loopMIDI
  • .Net Framework 4.7.2 (included in Windows 10, April 2018+)

Get it here:

You are welcome to download and use MidiPaw for your own musical endeavours!


MidiPaw supports expression via movement in 3D space, hand roll and tilt, grabbing and pinching, for detailed control of your musical performance.


Each motion response can be customized to specific motion ranges, inversions, response curves, expression clamping and motion smoothing.


Save your setups as embedded presets, and share your presets and rules via cut-n-paste – simple text presets that you can easily share.